Crop Candle Refills
As a result of unusually large amount of frost events in Europe this year, we are taking pre orders for next spring now to keep up with high demands for our 100% vegetable wax 12 and 10 hour candles and 8 hour refills.
For more information please email us with your expected needs.

Don’t throw away your Crop Candle cans this year.

Client Feedback

In 2020 we lost 75% of our crop here at Whitehall Vineyard, this came as a result of no frost protection. This year in 2021 we purchased 1,560 12-hour candles from the Crop Candle Company, which we lit over 20 nights of hard-hitting frost throughout April, subsequently saving this year's crop. We found the candles quick and easy to light, with the vegetable oil wax being more user and environmentally friendly.
Whitehall Vineyard
I confess to being sceptical about using bougies first time round and especially about getting them from a new supplier. However, all our concerns were put to rest from the outset. … the 12hr candles) were first rate.. !incredibly easy to light…Little smoke and burn time was as expected. We will certainly be going back for future needs.
All Angels Vineyard
We trialled 120 candles against our more regular supply of buggies from France. We were impressed. The Crop candles lasted longer for sure,
We found them very easy to light…. We also particularly like the refill capability that has been added this year.
Dillions Vineyard
The communication and pricing was clear and transparent. The candles effective and really easy to light. We found that the stated burn
time wasn’t far from the 12 hours stated so we were able to get at least two fairly long burns out of each candle.
Ridgeview Estate Winery Ltd

Why buy our Crop Candles?

If you use Heat Blower, Spray, Irrigation or Wire, then the Crop Candles are a low cost alternative back up to have stored away should any of the above become compromised or unable to cover unreachable frost pockets that turn out to be vulnerable. There are companies with vineyard monitoring and vineyard frost advisory services, with temperature sensors and management software which can be set up to send you alerts whenever there is a frost risk. Please contact us for more information.


Our Crop Candles will protect your fruit from one can over and over again by just using our refills. We advisable to have additional Refills ready in storage should an additional late frost arrive. The shelf life is a good 5 years so if you don’t use them, they will be good for the following year. An insurance worth having.

Why use our Crop Candles. We know what the industry needs from many conversations we have had with Consultants, Agronomists and many European Vineyard managers. Please share with other Vineyards and Orchards in your area.

  1. The cost of our Crop Candles are still more competitive than other candles available.
  2. We have sustainable sourced certificates for our Palm Wax.
  3. We comply with WineGB sustainability program.
  4. We have engaged UK Labs to report and test on the TRUE calorific burn of our Candles and submitted it to the WineGB Sustainability group.
  5. We have invested in a tool to produce refills. This has enabled to hold onto your existing cans and not have empty cans littered all over your vineyard.
  6. CO2 tests which were carried out on our candles was published by WineGB.
  7. Our Crop Candles Burn longer than other in the market.
  8. If you have Fans, Wire, Spray or irrigation, The Crop Candle is still the most cost effective back up to have in storage should any other frost prevention machinery becomes compromised or do not cover new frost pockets.
  9. Easy to deploy pre spring ready to ignite at a moment’s notice.
  10. Delivery Included to your door.

Please contact us now for a free quote.

How to choose the number of Crop Candles?

The below is recommended and depending how advanced your bud is in spring. Also it is subject to how your land reacts to different frost pockets.

Temperature -2° -3° -4°


Recommended Candles per Hectare 250 300 400


 Candle Distribution


  1. Cost effective price because our growers benefit from us buying in bulk.
  2. Eco friendly material for sustainable use.
  3. Stackable metal bucket with handle and lid.
  4. Biodegradable 100% Vegetable wax with high calorific burning heat.
  5. Very fast ignition with Eco firelighters and extinguish at will.