Anti Freeze Candles, Field Candles, orchard Candles and Outdoor Candles similar to the Tabo Candles and Stopgel candles are also known as Vineyard Candles however we call them simply Crop Candle. Also known as Bougie Spring frost protection. 

Our exclusive NEW 12-hour Crop candles are an additional insurance against frost should other methods you have not work or cover vulnerable frost pockets. They can be deployed at a moment’s notice to work as a heater raising the air temperature. The Crop Candles are already known in the industry as the most cost effective and efficient way to protect fruit cultivation from the increasing frosts.


Some growers had frost for the first time and others as many as 5 this year. Our 12-Hour Candles will protect your fruit for up to 3 frosts. However, it is advisable to have additional candles ready in storage should an additional late frost arrive. The shelf life is a good 5 years so if you don’t use them, they will be good for the following year. An insurance worth having.


As for sustainability, we have submitted all the technical data for CO2 emissions to the Wine GB sustainability program team and we are told that this will be published in the relative bulletin in the coming months.


If you use Heat Blower, Spray, Irrigation or Wire, then the Crop Candles are a low cost alternative back up to have stored away should any of the above become compromised or unable to cover unreachable frost pockets that turn out to be vulnerable. There are companies with vineyard monitoring and vineyard frost advisory services, with temperature sensors and management software which can be set up to send you alerts whenever there is a frost risk. Please contact us for more information.