The Crop Candle Co

The Crop Candle Co. provide UK growers with environmentally friendly bougie candles at the most cost-effective price without compromising the burn time and quality.

We support European Vineyard and Orchard growers, by providing them with more cost-effective candles than are currently available in Europe.

Our new 8-hour Crop Candles and 8-hour refills generate more than 24,000 KJ per hour which is an excellent and efficient insurance to have should any other frost protection you have become compromised or damaged.

With the rising costs of electricity, propane gas and water the Crop Candles are still the best alternative to have in the shed should other forms of frost protection become compromised.

We have been importing for over 20 years. We have secured trusting relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers and built a communication between our Western customers and the quality they expect from working with us. We manage the quality control and ensure all certificates are genuine and good to ship. We manage the Shipping, Custom Clearance and delivery to your address.

Our candles are made from 100% Vegetable Wax (NOT PARAFFIN) which acts as a heater raising the air temperature over your crops thus protecting against frost. The Crop Candle bougies are already know in the industry as the most cost effective and efficient way to protect fruit cultivation from the increasing spring frost.

Why buy from us?

  • We select very carefully our vegetable wax producers. We look at the compound touch and smell of the product as well as the burn rate and heat generated.
  • We inspect the quality of the casing manufacturers for leak-proof condition of each unit. Our testing approval rate is 10% spot checks of the full production, if the defect rate is above 1%, we will raise our inspection rate to 30% of production.
  • Our vegetable wax supplier is one of the largest plant wax suppliers in the world, we will burn candles from each batch to test the burning time and smoke output.
  • The wick, these are free of heavy metals.
  • During the production process, we have special inspectors to do appearance inspection on the production line. We also test the wick and carry out a combustion ignition time. This includes ensuring they are straight and there is plenty of wick (Not Flooded) for fast and efficient ignition. Each Crop Candle has a clean and tidy appearance.
  • During the packing process, we will test the firmness and neatness of the packing, to make sure each tray is firm and secure on the Pallet before they leave our factory.
  • Our certificate for the vegetable wax candles. We also provide CE and MSDS for you.

We will have more technical data for you regarding our Crop Candles shortly to ensure we maximize our social responsibility and our contribution to environmental conservation and biodiversity for our vineyards.