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A Harvest Poem

This poem is dedicated to all the amazing working farmers, who labour tirelessly behind the scenes to bring us one of the most beautiful things we consume everyday, sometimes taken for granted. They have months of nurturing, maintaining, protecting from the elements and 24/7/365 caring. Resulting in a bottle of joy that arrives on our table everyday. We Salute you.

A Harvest Poem

A Harvest Poem

Crop candle bougies

Viticulture Show 10th June

We will be showing Our new Crop Candle Refill has well as some new innovations at the show on the  10th June. Would be great to meet those of you who we have not had chance to get out to your vineyards yet. Lets hope it good weather

New Refills

Our new Crop Candle Refill has an 8hr burn time and can be added to existing Crop Candle Cans. Even if you have 5-6cm left in the bottom of your 12hr Candle you can place the refill on top of the existing wax to ensure your next burn will have an additional 8hrs.

Advantages are that you will only need enough candles to protect you from you worst frost. You will not have to throw away thousands of cans every year, all you need to do is add the refills. Also it helps when having to manage 2hrs left in the bottom of other Candles and then having to relight another Candle.


New Arrival 12-hour Bougie

We are please to announce that our new 12 Hour Crop Candle Bougie has 12.5% more wax to ensure that 12 Hour Burn our Vineyards are needing. With our new formula of 100% Natural Vegetable Wax our burn time in Sub Zero temperatures will secure 3 frosts lasting 4 hours per frost. We have placed the anti-freeze candle formula in a larger can so that the wick is not drowned thus making them difficult to ignite, which, from feedback from our Vineyard managers is a problem with our competitors candles. Our 6 Litre can is galvanized metal and has a 3-5 year shelf life. We are taking orders now for our 12 Hour frost prevention candles for delivery in January. We will not be holdingRead More…

8hr Crop Candle

Duration test Video of Crop Candle Bougies

  12 Hour Crop Candle Bougie Test This is a test video showing the Crop Candle 12 hour Bougie. The local temperature during the test was 30℃, with 8mph wind ,we tested 3 samples. Two of them burned about 11 hours, One burned for 11 hours and 30 minutes. This burning time is normal at this temperature. With Temperatures below zero the burn time is estimated at 11:45 – 12:15 hrs. These Bougies are perfect for Frost Prevention for Vineyards and Orchards all over the UK. We are taking orders now for Spring 2021. NEW IMPROVEMENT : We have now added an additional 10% wax and increased the size of the can from 5Lt to 6Lts to ensure the 12hr+ burn time. Also thanks toRead More…

frozen fruit

Antifreezing And Emergency Steps For Orchards and Vineyards

Increasing low temperatures and late spring frosts will harm all verities of fruit. UK Growers must stay alert to the potential dangers if they have not prepared for unpredictable early and late Spring frosts. Not only short term damage to the trees and vines but also potential long term harm as the frost can lead to disease to the tree body, thus affecting the yield of the fruit.   Preventive Measures of Apple Orchard in Low Temperature Period Smoke. Before the frost occurs ignite hay heap on the upper tier of the orchard / vineyard The smoke will cover the whole orchard subject to the slight breeze which will act as a blanket and prevent frost damage. Irrigation. Due to the specific heat capacity ofRead More…

frozen fruit

Effective anti-freezing methods

The ever-changing environment is causing temperatures in some areas not usually subjected to Frost to drop below zero.  When and If this happens, the danger is that citrus trees and grape vines are vulnerable to frost damage. Frost-damaged plants, serious defoliation, buds frostbite, severe branches will appear dry cortex frost cracking. But also lead to cracking fruit, rotten fruit and peel frost browning. Frost-Damaged crop are also disposed to disease, seriously affecting tree yield, and even the phenomenon of freezing death of the whole plant. Therefore, we should not only choose suitable ecological areas for planting, but also take frost prevention measures according to the climate, so as to be prepared and safe in order to Protect your Fruit from Frost. Choice of Crop designRead More…