Crop Candle Smokeless Fire Pit

Crop Candle Smokeless Fire Pit

Crop Candle Smokeless Fire Pit

Crop Candle Smokeless Fire Pit

El Fuego Fire Pits

PATENT PENDING (202130779749.1)

Is it really the BEST FIRE PIT in the WORLD?

Hotter, Low Maintenance, Sustainable Fuel, Looks Great, Must Have All Year Round, Great for Small Garden and No wood Smoke. What is there not to love about the New El Fuego Fire Pit.

WHY El Fuego Firepits are more Eco Friendly (Source in our FAQs)
El Fuego: Fire Pit produces 1.4kg CO2/hr
Wood: (1 bag of 5kg) produces 4.8kg CO2/hr
Gas: (43,700 BTU) produces 18kg CO2/hr

Our New SMOKELESS El Fuego Fire Pits are perfect for Small Gardens and offers a unique alternative to your conventional smoking fire pits. As the evenings get cooler the heat will keep you warm.

  • High calorific heat output
  • Perfect for small gardens
  • No Wood Smoke
  • Bright large dancing flame
  • Truly hypnotic and therapeutic flame
  • Will burn for hours, unattended!

If its the wood Smoke you dislike from conventional Firepits then the Crop Candle Fire Pit is the perfect solution for the cold evenings and increasing outdoor social events. This beautiful wooden log fire pit design is as near to the real thing as you will find. No more smelling of bonfire. No more managing the constant loading of logs AVAILABLE now for delivery . The El Fuego fuel made made from100% vegetable wax that is more eco-friendly than wood, burns much hotter than gas and lasts a lot longer then logs. Make your outdoors experience a smoke free one with our All New Crop Candle Burner.

If we had of made it to all the Shows would we have won? Who knows, but we do TICK all the boxes. Maybe next year… What do you think?

Resellers required

Now attracting garden centres, event organisers, garden designers and glamping companies. The Crop Candle El Fuego Fire Pit is protected with Patent Pending No.20213779749.1/ Design Copyright and Prior Art protection No. 2021112601403530 meaning our new age of fire pit designs are here to stay with new designs on the horizon. The new economical and sustainable form of outdoor heating. If you want to add this to your spring summer range let us know.

Crop Candle Smokeless Fire Pit

Crop Candle Smokeless Fire Pit

Crop Candle Smokeless Fire Pit

Crop Candle Smokeless Fire Pit

Crop Candle Smokeless Fire Pit

Crop Candle Smokeless Fire Pit

Crop Candle Smokeless Fire Pit

  • SPECIAL OFFER Now £140.00 inc vat

  • El Fuego Smokeless Fire pit Starter Pack 

    • 1 x El Fuego Smokeless Fire pit
    • FREE  1 x 12hr of Fuel
    • FREE 1 x Fire pit Cover

    ETA Delivery 3 days

Crop Candle Smokeless Fire Pit

Crop Candle Smokeless Fire Pit

El Fuego Smokeless fire pit £120.00

Ceramic Wooden design with
a 22cm hole that the candle
drops into the fire pit Weight 9kgs
H30 x Dia 37cm (No Fuel)

Fire pit Burner Cartridge £29.95

FREE with Starter pack Bundle 1 x 10-12hr Crop Candle Cartridge has 6.5kg of 100% vegetable wax in a 6Lt can that drops into the Fire pit Burner H30 x Dia 20cm These can be refilled with 8hr refills over and over again.

Firepit Burner Cover £15.00

FREE with Starter pack Bundle 1 x  210D fabric with Nylon coating
with polyester mesh lining H32 x Dia 40cm

Firepit Burner Cover

Fire pit 8hr Refills from £15.50 each + vat

Once you have burnt the initial cartridge with 10-12hrs of wax in you can refill with an 8hr refill which can be put in to the empty cartridge. Refills come in packs of  x 1 / x 2 and x 4


17 thoughts on “El Fuego Smokeless Firepit

  1. We managed to get some rest in the rain last night, this
    candle burner is so majestic and it has a fabulous

  2. Love love love!!
    Absolutely perfect for the chill in the air!
    Added bonus, no need to wash my hair because of
    the smell of smoke

  3. I lit mine for the first time last night and I wasn’t
    disappointed. This product is amazing. I
    would certainly recommend it

  4. Can’t recommend it enough. The heat that comes from it is fantastic and not having smelly hair and clothes is defiantly a big bonus.

  5. Absolutely amazing 🤩
    I have a small garden & previous fire pits have just smoked all the neighbours out which is why I wanted to trial cropcandle – what a result …it’s perfect !!!! I honestly 100% recommend for a perfect relax by the fire with no stinky smoke !!! It looks incredible too, stylish & perfectly mesmerising with continual high flames … they do not drop ever for over 11hrs so the heat continues ! My advice … buy one quick !!!

  6. In addition to my very positive review regarding the fire pit I would like to just add that if your fire pit does flood on first ignition (as explained via the website) when you pour out the melted wax – save it ! & when it dries out you can add it back to the fire pit & it will prolong the burn 🔥 😊 so there is no wastage !!!

  7. Absolutely love this fire pit. I have a lung condition which prevents me enjoying sitting out by a firepit, but I am able to sit by the Crop Candle. One of the best purchases I’ve ever bought. Highly recommended.

  8. @hellisharbo👏🔥Received my Crop Candle Firepit Burner within 2 days of order. Very pleased with the quality and service. I will post again once I have lit it 👏🔥

  9. We brought ours this summer….very,very pleased with it. Have re ordered candles too, good company to deal with.

  10. Hello Emma. All you need to do is put the lid back on and it will go out. Please use gloves. You may find our FAQ helpfull with the videos as well. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us.

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