Continuous FLAME

   No Wood SMOKE

Our New Crop Candle Burner firepit offers a unique alternative to your conventional smoking firepit this summer.

  • High calorific heat output
  • Bright continuous flame
  • Less CO2 than wood.
  • High heat radiated from flame

This beautiful wooden log firepit design is as near to the real thing as you will find. Sculptured from a material similar to ceramic, the firepit Burner weighs 9kgs (15.5 kgs with the Crop Candle firepit Cartridge).
No more smelling of bonfire. No more managing the constant loading of logs
No more moving to avoid the smoke, that seems to know exactly where you are. We are taking orders now for our next batch of Burner Firepits for delivery late June. Our Crop Candles are made of 100% vegetable wax that is more ecofriendly than wood, burns much hotter than gas and lasts a lot longer then logs.
Make your summer a smoke free one with our All New Crop Candle Burner.


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  • Crop Candle Bundle Firepit Offer  £140.00

    Incl Vat and delivery

    • 1 x Firepit Burner
    • 1 x Crop Candle
    • 1 x Firepit Cover

    ETA Delivery Late June 2021


Crop Candle Burner firepit

Ceramic Wooden design with
a 22cm hole that the candle
drops into the firepit Weight 9kgs
H30 x Dia 37cm


Firepit Burner Cartridge

10hr Crop Candle has 6.5kg
of 100% vegetable wax in a 6Lt can
that drops into the Firepit Burner
H30 x Dia 20cm


Firepit Burner Cover

210D fabric with Nylon coating
with polyester mesh lining
H32 x Dia 40cm


Firepit Burner Cover

Firepit Refill Single  x  1

Firepit Refill Pack  x  4