Refill Revolution

Avoid the dumping of Thousands of None Reusable Cans.

We are now in production of our Reusable Crop Candles. Please book your Frost Protection now.

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Refill Revolution      “We have listened to many vineyards which has resulted in us introducing the first Refills that fit our CropCandle, thus removing the increasing waste caused by thousands of used cans going into either recycling facilities or worse landfills.”

Our new Crop Candle Refill has an 8hr burn time and high Calorific heat of approx 22-25,000 KJ/hr. It can be added to existing Crop Candle Cans. Even if you have 5-6cm left in the bottom of your 10hr – 12hr Candle you can place the refill on top of the existing wax to ensure your next burn will have an additional 8hrs.

Advantages are that you will only need enough candles to protect you from you worst frost. You will not have to throw away thousands of cans every year, all you need to do is add the refills. Also it helps when having to manage 2hrs left in the bottom of other Candles and then having to relight another Candle.

Many European managers are now switching to the Crop Candle Company’s anti frost candles to prevent against frost, not only are we more sustainable but also burn longer than others. Moreover they don’t have to dispose of millions of cans every year because of our refills.

Many growers are experiencing new frost pockets each year. Our 8hr, 10hr and 12 Hr Candles with their High Calorific output of 22-25,000 will protect your fruit. However, it is advisable to have additional Refills ready in storage should an additional late frost arrive. The shelf life is a good 5 years. An insurance worth having.

The Candles are made from 100% Vegetable Wax Biodegradable ( NOT PARAFFIN). The crop candles are already known in the industry as the most cost effective and efficient way to protect fruit cultivation from the increasing spring frosts.

The Crop Candles Range


Our New 8 hour Crop Candle  Refill, has been filled with natural Vegetable wax to insure that longer burn Height: 22cm /Diameter: 19cm / No tin. POA

Regular 8 hour burning time Height: 23.8cm; Diameter: 19cm / Galvanised 5 litre cans Material origin is 100% vegetable wax natural and renewable.

Burn times are estimates and subject to Wind, temperature and environment.

These Crop Candles will protect your fruit from one can over and over again by just using our refills. We advisable to have additional Refills ready in storage should an additional late frost arrive. The shelf life is 5 years so if you don’t use them, they will be good for the following year.

Why use our Crop Candles. We know what the industry needs. We have had many conversations with Consultants, Agronomists and many European Vineyard managers.

  1. The cost of our Crop Candles are still far more competitive than other candles available and offer longer burn time.
  2. We have sustainable sourced certificates for our Palm Wax.
  3. We comply with WineGB sustainability program.
  4. We have engaged UK Labs to report and test on the TRUE calorific burn of 22-25,000 KJ/hr for our Candles and submitted it to the WineGB Sustainability group.
  5. We have invested in a tool to produce refills. This has enabled to hold onto your existing cans and not have empty cans littered all over your vineyard.
  6. CO2 tests which were carried out on our candles was published by WineGB.
  7. Our Crop Candles Burn longer than other in the market.
  8. If you have Fans, Wire, Spray or irrigation, The Crop Candle is still the most cost effective back up to have in storage should any other frost prevention machinery becomes compromised or do not cover new frost pockets.
  9. Easy to deploy pre spring ready to ignite at a moment’s notice.
  10. Delivery to your door.

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How to choose the number of Crop Candles?

The below is recommended and depending how advanced your bud is in spring. Also it is subject to how your land reacts to different frost pockets.

Temperature – 2° – 3° – 4° – 5/7°
Recommended Candles per Hectare 200-250 300 400 500

Candle Distribution


  1. Cost effective price because our growers benefit from us buying in bulk.
  2. Eco friendly material for sustainable use.
  3. Stackable metal bucket with handle and lid.
  4. Biodegradable 100% Vegetable wax with high calorific burning heat.
  5. Very fast ignition with Eco firelighters and extinguish at will.

What we do

  • We will manage the quality control of all Crop Candles.
  • Listen to vineyard managers on how to improve our product.
  • Delivery direct to your Vineyard.
  • Provide regular stock to UK and Europe if available.
Now pleased to be a member of WineGB wines of great Britain logo