frozen fruit

frozen fruit

  • The ever-changing environment is causing temperatures in some areas not usually subjected to Frost to drop below zero.  When and If this happens, the danger is that citrus trees and grape vines are vulnerable to frost damage. Frost-damaged plants, serious defoliation, buds frostbite, severe branches will appear dry cortex frost cracking. But also lead to cracking fruit, rotten fruit and peel frost browning. Frost-Damaged crop are also disposed to disease, seriously affecting tree yield, and even the phenomenon of freezing death of the whole plant. Therefore, we should not only choose suitable ecological areas for planting, but also take frost prevention measures according to the climate, so as to be prepared and safe in order to Protect your Fruit from Frost.

Choice of Crop design

Try to plant citrus in the leeward sunny area. If plot conditions are not respectable, windbreak forests can be set around the orchard. Fast growing trees planted around the orchard, will reduce the wind speed to achieve the effect of cold prevention.

Lighting against anti-frost candles

This is one of the most cost effective anti-freezing methods. At present, more and more orchard and vineyard managers have adopted this method of frost prevention in spring. the Est cost of Bougies per frost is  £650/Hec p. If you are worrying about your orchard’s or vineyards frost prevention, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately to order Anti-frost Crop Candle Bougies for next year. Owing to the large quantity of Anti-frost Crop Candle Bougies ordered in orchards and vineyards, they need to be produced several months in advance to avoid disappointment. We will arrange production and deliver the your order of Anti-frost Crop Candle Bougies to your address as scheduled in order to protect your crop/

More Frost Prevention methods to follow soon.