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Answer to your question, hope this help. Stay Safe.

Yes they are perfect for Small Gardens as there is no wood smoke. The Candles are made for 100% Vegetable biodegradable wax (Not Paraffin) so give off very little smoke and a lot of heat from the flame.

Set Up: The Crop Candle Bundle arrives with the candle cartridge in the wooden casing. 1. Remove the wooden casing first. 2. Remove the Candle Cartridge and place where it will be situated outside. 3. Place the wooden casing on top over the candle. 4. Remove candle lid. 5. light wick.

To Ignite: you can either use a small fire lighter or just light the cardboard wick. Follow us on Instagram for new ideas and directions.

Not Lighting: if the candle is not fully flamed and the full surface wax is not fully melted after 10 mins then try putting a firelighter in very carefully so it does not splash hot wax. The top layer of wax has to be fully melted liquid for the wax to ignite as well as the wick to give full impact flame.

The Wick heats up the wax and the wax then burns to full potential. 1 in a 100 will be what we call “Flooded” with liquid wax and the wick can not get to full potential. If your candle is not lighting you can do one of two things.

  1. If your candle is flooded or not lighting and looks like image 1 after 10-20mins, It is because the wick is flooded with wax. This will only happen on the first ignition.
  2. Solution  When lighting add a firelighter and that will assist the wax to heat up faster and will results in image 2. If you don’t have a fire lighter, screw up a golf ball size of newspaper and that will get her going.

Each Canister Can  (Cartridge) lasts 10-12 hrs subject to wind weather condition. Once it is empty you can buy the refills that go into the empty Can.

Each Refill will last up to 8hrs (the same time as 3-4 bags of wood logs)

Effectively you can use the Original Cartridge fully with the rifill up to 100 hours  before you would need to replace it. Don’t forget take advantage of the Bundle while they last.

SMOKELESS vs CO2 : The El Fuego Fire Pits omits 1.4kg of CO2 per hr. There will always be an element of smoke but nothing like a conventional Fire pit which on average omits 4.5kg/hr of CO2 and a gas Propane firepit which can omit upto 18kg of CO2 / hr.

Wood and Gas Fire Pits: Wood Firepit 10 kg of wood (~20% water), it’s 80% cellulose, which is 33% carbon, or 2.64 kg of carbon. converting this to carbon dioxide gives you 9.68 kg of CO2. Which is pretty close to the weight of the wood! (Source How much carbon dioxide does a standard campfire emit? : askscience (

Gas Fire Pit /Assuming pure propane, which has 36 g/mol C and 8 g/mol H, every kg of propane contains 36/44 kg carbon. Under complete combustion this leads to 3 kg CO2, so that is your hourly C)2 emission

Baseline heat emission is 264,000 BTU/hour (at full blast)

43,700 BTU in a kilogram of propane, so that’s 6 kg/hour

6 kg of propane contains 6 x 36 / 44 = 4.9 kg of carbon.

9 kg of carbon forms 4.9 x 44 / 12 = 18 kg of CO2 emitted by the fire pit per hour. (Source(heating – How much CO2 do those gas flame pits outside restaurants emit? – Sustainable Living Stack Exchange)

Is it suitable for using on decking?  Yes it is . The Crop Candle itself does get very hot obviously, we suggest that when burning on Grass or wooden decking you put a Tile or wooden plate under the burner to avoid it scorching.

Crop Candle Fire Pit  

Crop Candle Fire Pit

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