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Answer to your question, hope this help. Stay Safe.

Yes they are perfect for Small Gardens as there is no wood smoke. The Candles are made for 100% Vegetable biodegradable wax (Not Paraffin) so give off very little smoke and a lot of heat from the flame.

To Ignite: you can either use a small fire lighter or just light the wick. Follow us on Instagram for new ideas and directions.

How easy is it to extinguish? / Very, Just put the lid back on the Candle and it goes out immediately.

Each canister Can  (Cartridge) lasts 10-12 hrs. Once it is empty you can buy the refills that go into the empty Can.

Each Refill will last up to 8hrs (the same time as 3-4 bags of wood logs)

Effectively you can use the Original Cartridge 4-5 times before you would need to replace it. Don’t forget take advantage of the Bundle while they last.

Is it suitable for using on decking?  Yes it is . The Crop Candle itself does get very hot obviously, we suggest that when burning on Grass or wooden decking you put a Tile or wooden plate under the burner to avoid it scorching.

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