Firepit Burner

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Our New Crop Candle Burner firepit offers a unique alternative to with a lot less smoke to your conventional firepit this summer. The heat comes from the flame is much higher than that of a standard Gas firepit! Flame can go as high as 3ft with no wind.

This beautiful wooden log design is as near to the real thing as you can get. Made from a material similar to ceramic, the firepit Burner weighs 9kgs (15.5 kgs with the Crop Candle Cartridge).

No more smelling of bonfire. No more managing the constant loading of logs No more moving “to the other side“ to avoid that smoke, that seems to know where you are.

Our Crop Candles are made of 100% vegetable wax that is more eco friendly than wood and far more sociable for all the reasons mentioned above.

Make your summer a smoke free one with our All New Crop Candle Burner.

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Crop Candle Burner firepit    £130.00

Pre Order | Estimated Delivery by 21/06/2021*

Ceramic Wooden design with a 22cm hole that the candle drops into. Note this is just the Burner and no candle or cover included.

Weight 9kgs

H30 x Dia 37cm